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Homemade Dog Treats

Get Dog Approved Treats at The Described Dog

Are you looking for great tasting homemade dog treats for your furry friend? If so, check out The Described Dog.  Our homemade dog treats are made with only the best ingredients and are dog approved. 


Dogs are considered 'man's best friend' for many reasons. They are loyal, show unconditional love and are so cute! So why not show them some love with homemade dog treats from The Described Dog. Our dog approved treats are made with natural and limited ingredients, making them oh so delicious.


We know that your dog deserves a treat, so why not give them something extra special with The Described Dog homemade dog treats? With our selection, you're sure to find something for every pup. Get creative and choose from a range of homemade dog treat flavors like gingerbread, pumpkin, apple pie, or peanut butter. Your pup will love these homemade dog treats! These dog approved treats come fresh from our bakery straight to your door. Order now to give your four-legged friend the best homemade dog treat experience ever! 


So what are you waiting for? Get your homemade dog treats today at The Described Dog. They are a member of the family after all and they deserve the best. Give them tasty dog approved treats from The Described Dog and get ready for some kisses because our homemade treats will have your pal wanting more. 

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