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Dog Treats Gift Box

Get Dog Treats Gift Boxes at The Described Dog

Dogs are loyal, loving and make the best companions. And, don't we love to spoil them? Why not treat your dog with a dog treats gift box from The Described Dog?  The treats in your dog treats gift boxes are made with limited ingredients, so you can feel confident in knowing exactly what your pup is enjoying. Plus, you can chose the items that are in the dog treats gift box! With a variety of homemade, delicious, crunchy and dog-approved treats to chose from, there's something for every pup's palate. 


Here at The Described Dog, we believe that all dogs deserve to be celebrated.  That's why we're proud to offer dog treats gift boxes that are filled with the best treats for your furry friend. Whether you want a special surprise for your pup or just an extra delicious treat, our dog treats gift boxes have something for everyone. Get yours today and remind your dog of the million and one reasons that you care! 

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