Our Described Dogs

We love dogs!​

From our first puppy back in 2005, to our "Rescue Pack" today...

Ember (2005-2012) - German Shepherd who was purebred, proud and would do anything for cheese!

She was very protective of our son from birth (pictured-right). The original "Described Dog," and the inspiration for our cheese treats. "Emmer" was gone way too soon.

Baxter (2014) - Border Collie/Chow mix (pictured left) who is truly the 'old guard' of this group.

Loves getting pet almost as much as his peanut butter treats! Fiercely loyal to our son, and doesn't

always come when called. Helped us train Luna, who in turn trained Finley. He's 

a cuddler, really enjoys rides and a good game of chase.

Luna (2018) - Border Collie mix (pictured right) who acts like the middle child she is! Bark first, ask

questions later...she treats everything as an emergency, is our high jumper, and will steal kisses when

you're not looking. Somehow pulls off being needy and nervous simultaneously. Food is her favorite.

Finley (2020) - Bernese Mtn. Dog mix (pictured bottom) and the 'baby' of the family. If you have it, she

wants it and will tell you until you give it to her. Loves her fruits and veggies! Very independent and will spend an entire day outside by herself...until she's bored and wants her "sissy" (Luna).